California Salvage Yards Make it Easy to Find Used Parts

The state of California has millions of cars and many of these late model cars are retired from service every year. That means that Californians have access to a tremendous amount of quality used parts. These parts are easier to find than ever before and the prices are unbeatable as well. The trade organization for automotive recyclers in this state is the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association or SCADA for short. This organization has provided a way for automotive recyclers to network with each other. For the consumer it gives assurance that by choosing an auto recycler who is a member of this organization, certain qualifications have been met for both quality and environmental compliance.

Utilizing the internet and computer technology, the auto recyclers in the state of California have put an end to the days of having to call around to every junk yard listed in the phone book. Today all that is needed to find the parts that are needed is to go online and do a search. Within five or ten minutes, the part is usually located. The auto recyclers have made this so convenient for the consumer to utilize, from ordering the part to receiving it. In addition, many times it is not even necessary to leave the comfort of the house or office to receive the part. Many auto recyclers today will either ship the requested part right to your doorstep or right to the mechanic. This is a convenience that saves both time and gas.

If you would like to visually inspect the part, you can always just drive over and look at it, if the auto recycler is close enough. Whether choosing to pick the part up or have it delivered, either way utilizing an auto recycler for the parts needed to repair a vehicle can be far cheaper than going to a dealership to purchase the part new. Many times the savings can be as much as 75% cheaper than the cost of a new part. Moreover, for those who have older vehicles, many times the needed part is no longer available. In this instance, choosing a used part means avoiding the entanglement of purchasing a new automobile.

It is not just money that can be saved by going used auto parts to an automotive recycler either, the environment benefits as well. Auto recyclers provide a valuable service to the communities in which they are located by keeping these end of life vehicles off the streets and out of landfills. Whenever a vehicle is improperly disposed of, many types of hazardous materials have the chance to enter groundwater, lakes and streams. Auto recyclers ensure that these materials are properly removed and disposed. Working in conjunction with local and federal environmental agencies, auto-recycling facilities employ the latest technology to preserve the environment for future generation.

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