Humility and Blessing (Isaiah 53:2)

For he grew up before him like a young plant, and like a root out of dry ground; he had no form or comeliness that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.

By coming to earth as a human baby, the Lord made Himself vulnerable and had no wish to attract attention to Himself or to the power that He had.

Something about the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ rang true deep down, in the hearts and minds of the people among whom He worked. One did not have to be told that everything Jesus was doing was in the best interests of those people, and His message resonated powerfully with their own hopes and aspirations. Therefore people flocked to Him in their tens of thousands to hear His message and observe Him in action first hand, and they were not disappointed. The Lord’s message about liberty and release was attractive to His Jewish countrymen, since they were an oppressed people living under Roman colonial rule at the time. But the scope of His work was a lot wider than just political freedom for the Jewish people. He came down here to procure release and liberty for every human being on earth who was interested. This is because humankind everywhere was enslaved by sin, the worst tyrant there is. Jesus brought the only means possible to release all of humanity from the undesirable consequences of sin.

This universal scope was not lost on the Lord’s audiences. Jewish people responded to His message, but those among the non Jewish people living in Israel at the time, who had the sense to realize that Jesus came for the benefit of all, were not left behind either. Jesus inspired faith in all kinds of people; rich and poor, Jewish and non Jewish alike. Even among the Roman colonizers, wise individuals unashamedly sought Jesus and did not hesitate to put their faith in Him. To this day, the wise still seek Him throughout the world. His message is as relevant and as powerful today as it was when He was here physically.

Back in the Lord’s days in Israel, we read of a centurion of great faith who approached the Lord for the healing of his servant. It is evident that this man understood that from among the Jews, God was doing something of great value that would benefit humankind everywhere. And he was not ashamed to be counted among those who put their faith and trust in Jesus and in the work He was doing. A centurion was a Roman military official in charge of a hundred soldiers. That status did not discourage this individual from benefiting from something that emanated from the people they were colonizing. He valued the revelation of God through the Jewish people up to that time, and had even utilized his personal resources to build places of worship for the Jewish people, in his pursuit of godliness (Luke 7:4-5). The manner in which this individual went about seeking the healing of his servant from the Lord made the Lord marvel at the man’s faith, which He promptly singled it out as worthy of emulation.

In spite of such highlights in the Lord’s Louvores de Adoração ministry, the tide of public opinion regarding His popularity with the crowds would still rise and fall. The appeal of the Lord’s message lay in its genuineness, as opposed to any deliberate attempts to entice people with glamour, pomp and show. Therefore, whenever it was not fashionable to identify with Jesus, the weak and unstable would give up their fascination with Him and keep away from Him. Jesus made no attempt whatsoever to appear attractive just for the sake of it. He left it to every individual to respond to Him in whatever way they chose.

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