Soccer Jokes – The Funniest Soccer Jokes

Sharing some soccer jokes can be fun and enjoyable especially when you and your friends get bored. Jokes are basically humorous short stories, short phrases or statement of anything or situation. These jokes usually have a punch line which makes the audience or listeners laugh. Jokes are a sort of entertaining in nature usually shared among groups of people.

Like the popularity of the sport soccer, it has been a favorite subject of many jokes. There are so many soccer related jokes circulating in the internet as well as to fans of the sport. There are specific jokes for teams, players, coaches, managers and many other jokes related to the sport.

Here are some of the funniest soccer jokes which you can xem bong da truc tuyen share to your friends:

Question: What differs from Man United striker Diego Forlan from Bill Clinton?

Answer: Bill Clinton can score a goal.

One day a boy brought his parents to court because he doesn’t like to live with them. The judge asked, “Why did you don’t you like to stay with your father?” The boy answered, “Because he beats me.”

“Oh I see. Then why don’t you like to live with your mother?” the judged says. The boy answered, “Because she beats me too.”

The judge again question, “Then who would you like to live with?”

The boy excited replied, “I like to live with Southampton FC because they don’t beat anybody!”

You can always find funniest jokes available through the internet so you will never ran out of one when you need to cheer up your friends and your family.

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